Forest Troll Rackil Traits

Forest troll racial traits and racial levels are identical to those of jungle trolls (see WoW RPG, Chapter 2: Races). Note that both forest and jungle trolls receive Zandali as an automatic language, not Low


Darkspears, the well-

Jungle Trolls


The following tables allow you to determine random ages, heights and weights for half-ogre, half-orc, and forest troll characters.

Wow Traits RaciauxForest Troll

This chapter includes several options for character classes, most of which are introduced in the Alliance Player's Guide. In the following pages you can find:

• The orc racial class. Orcs do not have a racial class in the WoW RPG book, but if you would like to use one, it's here.

• Variant classes. These rules take classes that already exist and alter them slightly, replacing a class feature or two with another or adjusting their class features to fit a slightly different idea.

• Racial iconic classes. These classes are variant classes, as above, that represent particular archetypes in the Warcraft world, such as an orc warrior or a tauren shaman.

• Creature classes. Some monsters are appropriate for player characters, but they are too powerful to translate directly, even with racial levels. One solution is to use a level adjustment (described in Lands of Mystery and the Monster Guide). The Alliance Player's Guide introduced creature classes, which allow players to play a monster from 1st level. This book includes several creature classes.

• Feats. This chapter closes with a slew of new feats particularly appropriate to Horde characters and to members of its races.

The World of Warcraft: the Roleplaying Game book does not include a racial class for orcs. This was partially to make them similar to humans, as these two races are the most important in the Warcraft world.

If you would like to allow orcs to take racial levels, use the following racial class.

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