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A hidden warlock's spell list is slightly different, to enable him to more easily disguise his nature. Add the following spells to a hidden warlock's spell list at the indicated levels. However, you must select three 2nd-level, one 3rd-level, one 4th-level, one 5th-level, and one 7th-level spell on the warlock spell list in the WoW RPG book (or More Magic & Mayhem or another book, if your GM allows). Remove the selected spells from the hidden warlock's spell list.

• 2nd Level: Alter self, darkness, eagle's splendor, misdirection*.

• 3rd Level: Deeper darkness.

• 7th Level: Astral recallf.

f See More Magic & Mayhem.

The orc warrior. The tauren shaman. The Forsaken apothecary. These are all iconic images — a type of individual that is recognizable both to characters in the Warcraft world and to players of the WoW RPG game. Any race can be any base class, but some races are more likely to be members of a certain class. Some races have traditions of specific classes in their societies and cultures. A race's favored class represents that race's natural predilection to a certain degree; racial iconic classes are another method.

A racial iconic class demonstrates a particular race's natural ability with a certain class. It might also represent the fact that a class has social or traditional connotations within a race's culture. Jungle trolls possess a natural tendency to become barbarians, for instance; therefore, jungle trolls' favored class is barbarian. Similarly, jungle troll society has long favored voodoo magic and granted status and recognition to great witch doctors. The troll witch doctor is a racial icon; the racial iconic class "jungle troll witch doctor" represents it.

Racial iconic classes are variant classes similar to those presented above (the melee hunter, uncorrupted warlock, and the like). Like other variant classes, a racial iconic class uses an existing class as its base but alters it slightly to depict its racial icon. Obviously, a character must be of the appropriate race to take a racial iconic class.

Characters who take racial iconic classes are close to an archetype that most people recognize. Like racial levels, racial iconic classes also represent characters who draw upon their races' traditions, values and techniques — though in these cases, the traditions, values and techniques are those specific to a class. An orc who takes the orc warrior iconic class, for example, spends time studying past orc warriors, training in orc warrior traditions, communing with his warrior ancestors, and connecting to his society's tradition of warfare.

brews especially potent. These Forsaken call themselves apothecaries, and the greatest among them enter the ranks of the dark apothecaries.

The iconic apothecary is a withered Forsaken standing in a laboratory. Beakers and cauldrons bubble and spew horrible vapors into the air. Strange, fleshy creatures mew and gurgle within black cages.

See More Magic & Mayhem for the witch doctor class.

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