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You are a faithful servant of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow.

Prerequisites: Forsaken.

Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws made against spells cast by priests or paladins of the Holy Light and on all holy light spells (described in More Magic & Mayhem).

Special: You must join the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, agree to uphold its tenets, and tithe 25 gp to the

In battle, undead rarely engage in physical construction. Their acolytes simply summon structures via a process known as the ritual of summoning.

Prerequisites: Caster level 3rd, ability to cast divine spells.

Benefits: To perform the ritual of summoning, you must choose a blighted location (such as an area affected by the withering blight spell) large enough to contain the building, or create the area yourself through demolition/deforesting.

To start the ritual, you must spend 1d4 full-round actions chanting. If you are disturbed during this period, you must make a Concentration check as if you were casting a 5th-level spell. After this time, you make a DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check.

If successful, a summoning gate (a large glowing circle with four massive bone spurs arching over it) appears with its nearest edge up to 10 feet away from you. You then place the money for the building (1/3 its market price) near the circle. The coins vanish in green flame, and the building begins to rise. On average, it takes 1 minute per 1,000 gold pieces for the summoning to complete.

You may use this feat to unsummon a summoned building. Doing so takes a full round action and you must be within 10 feet of the building. The building disappears, and a summoning gate returns 1/3 the original investment in gold pieces (it reappears in a flash of green flame). If another character summoned the building, you must make a caster level check (DC 11 + the caster level of the character who summoned it) to unsummon the building. If you fail, you cannot try again for 24 hours.

Special: The summoning gate has an AC of 4, hardness of 10, and 100 hit points. If destroyed, the money is wasted and the building is not summoned.

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