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Far seers are adept at seeing places and events that are distant in both space and time, allowing them to foretell the future to a degree. Many say that they are the pinnacle of shamanistic development. The far seer is an orc tradition, but they sometimes train members of their allied races in its ways, especially tauren. These shaman are wise and often old. Most shaman of this type do not actually earn the title "far seer" until late in their lives, but they must begin training at an early age.

FaR SeeR Alterations

Far seers do not add Intimidate, Knowledge (nature) or Survival to their list of class skills. They do not get a +2 bonus on Craft (alchemy) or Spellcraft checks, nor can they gain access to the Elements domain. They do not gain the flametongue/frostbrand inspiration at 4th level, the ghostwolf inspiration at 8th level, or the purge inspiration at 12th level. Instead, far seers gain the following class features at the indicated levels:

• 1st Level — Additional Class Skills: Far seers add Handle Animal and Ride to their list of class skills and get a +2 bonus on checks with these skills. Far seers have a closer connection to animals than other shaman. Most orc far seers ride giant wolves.

• 1st Level — Domains: Far seers have access to the Foretelling (described in Chapter 4: Magic and Faith) and Spirits domains.

• 4th Level — Summon Spirit Allies (Ex): Far seers have a rapport with spirit creatures. Add summon nature's ally I-IX to the far seer's shaman spell list. She can use these spells only to summon spirit animals (updated summon nature's ally lists appear in the Monster Guide, and spirit beasts are described in Chapter 9: Creatures).

• 8 th Level — The Sight of Worlds (Ex): Far seers are renowned for their ability to see distant places. At 8th

; Multiple Variants ;

I If your GM allows, you can incorporate multiple j i variants into your character class. You can be both j

! a hidden warlock and an uncorrupted warlock, for j i example. i

level, a far seer gains a number of benefits related to this legacy. She can cast clairaudience/clairvoyance and eye of Kilrogg as 3rd-level shaman spells. Whenever she casts a divination (scrying) spell, she can also see invisible creatures and objects through the spell, as though under the effects of see invisibility. In addition, she does not need a focus to cast scrying; she closes her eyes and experiences the visions.

• 12th Level — Glimpses of the Future (Su): Far seers gain small glimpses of the future, which allow them to alter their actions accordingly to change the future's outcome in tiny ways. At 12th level, a far seer gains a + 1 insight bonus: On her turn, as a free action, she can choose to apply this bonus to AC, on attack rolls, on damage rolls, or on all saving throws. She can allocate the insight bonus only once per round.

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