Armor Guide

our armor is your primary way of increasing your stats. The quality of your equipment will determine your effectiveness as a hunter. While it would be nice if you could spread your stats out evenly, that is rarely ever possible. Most

gear will rarely have more then three different stats or modifiers. The more they have the fewer each one will be so it isn't overpowered.

You will have to collect different types of gear for your different types of play styles. A Beastmaster Hunter will need attack power, critical strike and hit rating as their primary stats. The reason for these stats is because you will be depending on your pet as your partner and they will receive a portion of your abilities. If you plan on soloing and having your pet do lots of tanking you should probably load up on stamina as well. At level seventy you should aim for 1400-1600 AP, 20% crit and 7% hit.

Marksman hunters are similar to Beast Master hunters. They will also want to focus on attack power, but they will need more of it. Critical strike is also very important, but if you increase it above the suggested values you can afford to cut back a little on your AP. Hit is also very important because you will be relying so much on ranged damage. Your should aim for 1900-2000 AP, 20% crit (or higher) and 8% hit. A marksman spec is also very mana intensive. If you plan to do any grouping you should invest in gear with intellect or mana per five.

The stats for a Survival hunter are special. You will need critical strike first and foremost, but also dodge and AP. Since you need all three of these stats it is best to load up on gear with lots of agility. It will give you all three and most mail gear will also have one of these stats as well. As a survivalist you should aim for over six hundred agility and 25% critical strike or higher. If you intend to PVP you should also gather as much stamina as possible.

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