Ranged Weapons

The most important weapon for a hunter is his ranged weapon. Bows, guns and crossbows. First of all, there is no difference between using any of these weapons. A gun user can do just as much damage as a bow user. It just depends on the stats of the weapon and its ammo. When choosing a ranged weapon the three most important factors to consider are speed, damage and stats.

Speed is important because it determines how much of your attack power your weapon will receive. Like spell damage, your weapons only receives a percentage of your total attack power. Slower weapons receive a larger potion than fast ones because they don't fire as often. Slower weapons are also the easiest to use with a shot rotation.

The damage of your weapon is also very important. Since the attack speed of your weapon will vary from item to item you can judge the overall damage by its DPS. This is an average of your weapons minimum and maximum damage. This isn't your total DPS though, that comes from factoring in your r,

attack power. In general, the higher your weapons DPS is the better it is, the exception to this is with attack speed. If two weapons have the same DPS but one has a longer attack speed, it would be the superior weapon because of the bonus from your attack power.

The final factor is your weapons stats. This is usual the least important because you will be relying on your other gear for stats. Ranged weapons will usually have attack power and critical strike one them. However, if your current weapon has more than two or three points of DPS than the new weapon you should stick to the old one.

Ammo is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment. Without it your ranged weapon will have nothing to shoot. Ammo will directly increase your DPS by a set amount. The better the ammo the more expensive it will be. Because of this you should try to carry different types of ammo with you. Keep high level ones for raids and groups and low level ammo for farming and grinding. An important aspect of ammo is your ammo case. You can either use a quiver for arrows, or a pouch for bullets. Ammo containers also have an extra bonus for attack speed. Bigger and better quivers will give you more of a bonus.

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