The Green Drake

This is your level 52 class quest. At the end are some nice blue quality rewards that you will use till level sixty. First head to one of your hunter trainers and accept the quest The Hunter's Charm. Next head to Azhara in Kalimdor to find Ogtinx, a furlbog hunter. He is on the cliff side at 42, 42, directly north and east of the Ruins of Eldarath.

His first task for you is to collect a two perfect courser antlers. You can find loads of Mosshoof Coursers directly north on the top half of the isthmus. You will need two pieces to make one pair.

His next chore has you gather six wavethrasher scales. You can get these from wavethrashers and young wave thrasher hydra in the nearby ocean. You can find Wavethrashers directly south of Ogtinx and young wavethrashers north on the edge of the zone. Return back to him when you have six.

Your final task is the hardest. You need to travel to the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrow and kill the dragon, Morphaz, inside. You will need a group to reach him and clear half of the instance before reaching him. He is in the second level in the giant circular room, past the six trolls, and usually inside one of the tunnels. If you bring a level seventy player along you should be able to take him down. If not, you will need a full group to deal with him and his add.

After killing Morphaz head back to Ogtinx and turn in his tooth. For your reward you can choose a Hunting Spear with crit and mana per five. The Devilsaur Eye which will temporarily increase your attack power and chance to hit. And the Devilsaur Tooth, which makes your pets next attack a guarantied critical strike. The spear is very nice for its level and will last you till you leave for outland. You can get better weapons on the AH if you have the cash. But you can find better weapons in Outlands in just a few levels so you might want to save your gold. The Devilsaur Eye is also very nice, especially since there are so few trinkets at this level. It is nice for high DPS fights, so if you intend to do instances before going to Outlands this might be a better choice over the spear. You will be able to replace it with two trinkets in outlands by level sixty two r,

however. The Devilsaur Tooth is probably the weakest of the rewards. On extra critical strike by your pet is not very useful at any level.


hen you first start out the majority of your exp will come from quests. So try to fill your log with as many quests as you can. But don't always take the ones that require you to visit a dungeon or kill an elite. These take organization so you won't get to them right away and they'll just sit in your quest log taking up space for other quests. Around halfway to level sixty though quests begin to slack off in terms of experience and you will be forced to do a lot of grinding.

When grinding, or killing mobs repeatedly for exp, always pick your targets carefully. One of the best things to do is try to pick mobs that give some type of reputation gains when killed. You generally don't see these until higher levels, but that's when you'll be doing most of your grinding anyway. Another good idea is to grind on mobs that bring in the most cash. Humanoids drop money and cloth and have a slightly higher chance of dropping green armor and weapons. Beasts will only drop animal parts that don't sell for much. But if you are a skinner you can make money that way.

You must also use the Rest System to your advantage. It can double the amount of EXP you get so always try to log out at an inn. When I got to level fifty with my paladin I typically let him rest up till he had a full health bar and went and leveled up some of my lower level alts in the mean time. It took more days to reach sixty, but I spent fewer hours grinding.

Finaly, many of the areas that I advise you to level in are hard to find unless you have been there before. Here is an atlas stie to help you find your way around.

httpV/ orldmap/index.php

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