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There are two ways to train your pet. The first way is to visit the pet trainer next to your own class trainer. He will teach you new abilities that buff your pet with extra armor, health and new abilities. Learning new skills from the pet trainer doesn't teach them to your pet though, they just stay in your spell book. This way if you get a new pet you don't have to hike back to the trainer.

The second way to learn pet skills is to learn them from other animals. Most of your active abilities like Claw or Screech can only be learned from wild pets that you tame. If you wanted to learn Claw for example you would have to tame a bear. After you have tamed the bear you need to use it in battle and make sure it uses Claw as often as possible. Eventually you will receive a message saying that you have learned Claw. You can now get rid of that pet if you don't want it and teach Claw to any other pet you want. There are two things to remember

about learning skills this way. First, only specific animals will know these skills. You can't just tame any bear and learn Claw. Even if you tame a hundred Brown Bears you will never find one with Claw. If you tame an Iceclaw bear though eventually you will find one with Claw. The second thing to remember is that you will have to tame tougher monsters for a higher rank of an ability. If you want Claw rank 2 you will need to tame a Thistle Bear in Darkshore. Thistle bears are slightly harder then an Iceclaw bear and are slightly higher level. I would recommend checking this website for a list of what animals have what abilities at what level. rs.html

After you have learned new skills from the pet trainer or by taming a beast you can teach them to your pet. Take the pet you want to train out of your stable and open up your Beast Training ability under the general tab of your spell book. Inside is a list of all the pet abilities you know and a count of how many training points you have. Training points are used to buy new skills and abilities, so try to raise your pets loyalty as high as possible. If you want to learn a skill like Natural Armor first click on the rank you r,

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