Adventures at the Dawn of History

Campaigns set in the earliest days of the world of Warcraft happen between 10,000 and 14,000 years before the present day. The night elf society is similar to that seen in Warcraft III, but the other races are quite different. The high elves are still physically the same as the night elves, living nocturnal lives and slowly corrupting themselves with arcane magic. The dwarves are just beginning to develop their traditions and make the earliest of the technological innovations that will revolutionize the world. Humans are nearly as savage as their foes among the trolls, and both groups wander the land battling each other while trying to plant the seeds of their cultures.

Campaigns during this time should center on exploration and discovery, on first contact and seeing everything in the world for the first time. Outside the boundaries of the Kaldorei cities and temples, the world is completely untamed; it calls for explorers and traders who will jour ney into the untracked wilds. It also calls for warriors and spies to fight the war between the Azotha and the jungle trolls, or between the night elves and Queen Azshara's demon guard. It's a time when a canny diplomat might have changed the course of history forever. It's a time when characters can stand on the shores of the Well of Eternity itself.

Tinkers and even simple technology (phlogiston and gunpowder have yet to be discovered) are exceedingly rare in these days, found mostly among the dwarves. Spellcasters come only from the ranks of the Kaldorei, where the corrupting influence of the Well of Eternity has already sparked the battle between arcane and divine spellcasters that will continue for thousands of years.

Affiliations are nearly always along racial lines, though despite their physical appearance the Kaldorei are already divided into the night elves and the "highborn" elves.

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