Area Ganthrifals Chambers EL

This is Ganthrifal's room. The door to the chamber is protected by a mental alarm that triggers when a creature touches the door, thereby alerting Ganthrifal of approaching intruders. The door is also locked and arcane locked (Open Lock DC 25, 35 with arcane lock).

The door to this chamber opens into total blackness. Ganthrifal keeps his room shrouded in deeper darkness as the gloom does not impede him. If the heroes pierce the darkness, read the following.

This room was obviously recently renovated. Fancy rugs cover the floor and silk tapestries adorn the walls, most depicting ferocious orcs marching across a red world. A small table stands against one wall. Decanters, bottles, shot glasses and crystal goblets rest on the table. A narrow window pierces the west wall.

This is Ganthrifal's room. He has a fondness for expensive spirits (finding the pun extremely amusing) and likes to remember Draenor's golden age. The dreadlord spends little time here, usually moving through the complex or insinuating himself further into Blarus' confidence.

Creature: Ganthrifal is probably here when the heroes arrive, resting or plotting his inevitable confrontation with Blarus.

Ganthrifal: hp 108. See "For the Heroes," above.

Tactics: Ganthrifal prefers to use his spells to weaken powerful opponents before wading into melee. He uses his Block Spell feat against every spell cast against him and casts baleful polymorph, blazing columnff and greater dispel magic to impede his foes. If given time to prepare, the dreadlord casts frost armor*, immolation*, pass unknownff and true seeing. Ganthrifal is a survivor first and foremost, and if reduced to 40 hit points or fewer while in this room he flees via greater teleport. Depending on the circumstances, he may be gone for good or may have fled just long enough to heal before returning to confront the heroes again.

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