Dark Ruby

Description: This deep red ruby is strung on a gold chain and worn about the neck. Dark Iron dwarves, especially those in leadership positions, often wear such pendants. The dark ruby adds to the wearer's force of personality, grants her protection against fire and allows Ragnaros' fiery servants to keep an eye on the wearer.

Powers: A dark ruby grants its wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma and resistance to fire 20. The item is also keyed to a particular fire elemental or other favored servant of Ragnaros. This specific creature can use clairaudience/clairvoy-ance and scrying through the ruby at will, and can cast hold person on the wearer once per day as a spelllike ability with no saving throw allowed. The fire elemental can also teleport (as greater teleport) to the ruby's location once per week. If the fire elemental to which the ruby is keyed dies, the dark ruby loses all its powers and flashes into ash.

The object's creator keys the dark ruby to a specific creature at the time of creation. The choice cannot be changed.

Strong abjuration, divination and transmutation; CL 13 th; Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoy-ance, eagle's splendor, hold person, resist energy, scrying; Price —; Cost 18,500 gp + 1,480 XP; Weight —.

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