Eastern Plaguelands

Capital: Stratholme (25,000). Population: 45,000 (73% undead, 20% human, 7% forest troll).

Government: Dictatorship.

Ruler: Lich Lord of the Plaguelands Kel'Thuzad (male human lich Wiz25). Major Settlements: Tyr's Hand (9,000). Languages: Common, Low Common. Faiths: Holy Light, Lich King, voodoo. Resources: Evil, gold, magic, plague, ruins, timber (mushroom fiber). Affiliation: Scourge.

The Scourge dominates the Eastern Plaguelands, and the archlich Kel'Thuzad commands the region from central Stratholme. Living dead roam the land freely — I must have run into at least a dozen zombies and skeletal warriors in my first half hour. Forest trolls from Zul'Aman in the north battle the Scourge to reclaim their ancient kingdom. A crazed human group, the Scarlet Crusade, struggles coura-

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