Sites and Settlements

Primitive forest troll settlements are scattered throughout Zul'Aman. Weathered ruins hide among the trees, covered with vines and the dust of ages.

The Shrine of Ula-Tek (city, 7,000): The Shrine of Ula-Tek is an enormous ziggurat. The forest trolls rally around the edifice and their capital lies among its ruins. Crude troll huts mix with collapsed stone walls. This area is very heavily protected — far too heavily for me to penetrate, so I ambushed a lone forest troll a few miles away and got the information from him. Ula-Tek, apparently, is a serpent goddess. One of the Old Gods, perhaps? The trolls worship Ula-Tek and hold the ziggurat in holy esteem, performing their dark rites and voodoo rituals among the ruins. The trolls keep their treasure — collected over centuries — within the ziggurat, which is another reason that they guard it so vigilantly.

Though the trolls' empire was destroyed in antiquity, they have always controlled the sprawling forest now called Zul'Aman. Their dominion once stretched across the continent, and they threatened the nascent human nations and the fledgling kingdom of Quel'Thalas with extinction. Eventually, the high elves traded arcane knowledge to the humans for help in defeating the trolls, and the two races bludgeoned the forest troll empire. Now Zul'Aman is reduced to its present borders. The trolls have never been content with this setback and have never forgiven the humans or elves for their near genocide. With Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas in ruins, the trolls move out to reclaim their kingdom.

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