Cold Snap

This is a worthwhile talent to have for emergency situations. If you need to flee, and have used your Frost Nova allready, you can pop this and freeze whoever is chasing you for an easy escape. It's also handy for AoE grinding to refresh your Ice Barrier or Ice Block when situations get out of hand. For 1 point, it's a talent worth getting. Also allows access to Frost Channeling, which isn't a bad talent either. Rank When activated, this spell finishes the cooldown on all of your Frost spells.


The best crowd control (CC) skill in the game. It works on probably 80 of the creatures in the game world (excluding demons, dragonkin and undead, which are all fairly uncommon). In solo play this will allow you to pull single targets in linked mobs, while the other wanders harmlessly as a sheep. In groups, it is extremely useful for making pulls much easier by eliminating a mob from the group. It will often be your job to pull using Polymorph. In PvP, it extremely useful in the beginning of a...

Amplify Magic

This is an adequate spell that has limited uses. It is particularly useful when combined with a priest for AoE grinding. This helps the priest heal, but the effect is only moderate. It's another buff, however, and the mana cost is small enough for that to not be a hindrance. Don't use it when soloing, as it serves no purpose. Also don't use it if any of the groups you are Ae-ing have spell based attacks (which is usually not the case). Amplifies magic used against the targeted party member,...

Improved Fireball

A good general talent for increasing damage output. Fireball is one of the most cast spells for a Fire mage, and this increases its usefulness. 3 seconds isn't a bad cast time for the amount of damage it can do, and can mean an extra cast before the mob reaches you, if you time it correctly. This talent is more useful in PvE situations than in PvP, where Impact offers more value (although both can be taken, if you need to take one for PvP, take Impact).

Group Strategies

The main role of a mage in the group is simple deal as much damage as possible. There is a holy trinity of classes in World of Warcraft, consisting of a tank (warrior) a damage dealer (mage) and a healer (priest). Mages are the best damage dealers in most situations, so you should never have trouble finding a group. Unlike when you are soloing, it's not wise to go all out damage as quickly as possible. Damage generates agro, which makes things more difficult for the healer, because healing a...