Character Creation

There are a number of choices you need to make before beginning your mage journey. 2.1.1. Statistics

There are a number of stat points in World of Warcraft that are automatically allocated every time you gain a level. Items also add points to your stats. The stats and what they do are as follows:

• Strength (Str): This increases your attack power with melee weapons. As a mage, you should never be in melee range, making this stat entirely pointless. Don't bother getting gear with strength modifiers.

• Agility (Agi): Increases armour, critical hit chance with weapons, dodge rate, and attack power with ranged weapons. Another stat which is less attractive than others. Agility can help in combination with wand specialisation to increase the damage of your wand, but it's not the most effective talent or gear build.

• Stamina (Sta): Stamina increases your hit points. 1 point in stamina is equal to 10 hit points. This is a very important stat, especially for PvP. You need to have high stamina to compete in PvP effectively.

• Intellect (Int): Increases your mana, weapon skill rate increase, and critical hit chance with spells. This is another very important stat for a mage. Because your damage comes from spells, and mana is finite, the longer you can have mana, the more damage you can do to a target, and the more effective you will be. 1 point in intellect is worth 15 mana, and 100 points increases your chance to crit by 1%.

• Spirit (Spi): Spirit increases your health and mana regeneration rates. This is the 3rd most important stat for mages, behind stamina and intellect. Spirit can be effective in long battles where mana conservation is essential. Having high spirit is more effective in PvE encounters, especially when combined with Mage Armour and the Arcane Meditation talent.

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