Paladins also have healing, so they can be quite tough to take down, and they have multiple lives through their immunity shields. Fortunately, they don't do a lot of damage, and you can normally keep them at bay very easily, because they don't have a root, or any way to increase their speed.

Kiting and survival is the key in this battle. You may want to use your wand to preserve your mana, because paladins can take a long time to take down. Once they are getting low, they will use their shield to heal back to full. Use this opportunity to heal yourself using a bandage. Don't bother casting anything at all, or even attacking. Divine Shield makes them immune to everything, including Counterspell. Heal up, position yourself in an ideal spot, and wait for the shield to wear off. Then start again.

You will most likely run low on mana at some stage in this battle, so don't go all out too early. You need to be able to have something in reserve to finish them off when they are getting low after having used their shield. As previously stated, if you have a good wand (there is an easy to get, high damage wand from a quest, which all mages should have) use that in between casting spells. The new auto-wand toggle is an excellent improvement, and should be used. You need to move to cancel the wand effect though, so if you want to cast something, take a step in any direction.

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