Using the Auction House

The auction house is an essential tool in your money making endeavours in World of Warcraft. You should sell most of your green items here, especially those with good stats. Anything above green should automatically be placed on the auction house (make sure you are getting a good deal, though).

Aside from items that you find, you can make money by "playing the auction house". You need to have a small gold base, to start you off, and a willingness to take a risk. You also need a little bit of time to watch the auction house (or to get lucky).

The basic premise is buy low and sell high. You need a bit of knowledge about the game to do this however (but most of this you can pick up as you play). Start off with green items. The most popular items are those with +Stamina and +Another main stat. The value of the stat is based on what type of item it is.

Armour Type

Desirable Stats


+Sta, +Int; +Int, +Spi; +Sta, +Spi


+Sta, +Agi; +Agi, +Str; +Sta, +Int


+Sta, +Agi, +Sta, +Str


+Sta, +Str, +Sta, +Int

The above is a basic guide as to what is desirable. The first on the list is the best option, then descending down.

If you see any of these listed, and they seem to be relatively cheap in comparison to other gear in the level range, buy them out an relist them at a higher price. This is a sure-fire way to make easy cash, because people are often willing to spend an extra gold or so, and often don't realise the market value for items. This is especially the case for items close to level 60, as people need green items as fillers until they get the better quality drops. Items with two good stats (especially stamina, for PvP purposes) sell for multiple gold at high levels.

Rare and Epic quality items require a bigger outlay, but can possibly net you a bigger gain. The same principle applies, but you need to know the market you are dealing with before you get involved in this type of re-selling. Whenever you go to the auction house, do a search for all Rare items (select Rare from the drop down list, and don't enter any search parameters. Everything Rare and Epic listed will show up). Browse these items to get a gauge of prices, and when you see something under priced, buy it and mark it up.

Blues to look out for are: Orb of Deception, this trinket is extremely popular, and quite uncommon. People are willing to pay hundreds of gold for it, and because of its relative rarity, it's not often listed meaning you can get a cheap price for it. Pristine Black Diamonds are also good but harder to get at a cheap price. Any of the Rare end game sets (Magisters, Devout, Valor etc., they are all level 54 items and part of a set) can sell well.

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