Warlock's aren't too hard, but have a few tricks that can make them difficult. They will use Fear on you, but that is subject to diminishing returns, so you don't need to worry too much about it. Dispel the first one with your PvP trinket, and the subsequent casts wont do much. After the 4th you are immune.

Like any pet class, don't focus on the pet - that is a waste of mana. You can't polymorph them, but 3 of the 4 are melee range, so you can keep them away from you. Focus all your attacks on the Warlock.

Many Warlocks will have exceptional high amounts of health, and can take a while to bring down. In doing this, they sacrifice some offence capabilities, so while they take longer to bring down, they don't hit for as much, so you will last longer. Don't bother trying to kite - their spells are all long range, and they have quite a few DoTs that will bring your health down. If you can, remove their Curses when they cast them on you, especially Curse of Agony.

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