Accu Racy

Description: The precision devices of gnomish engineers have allowed many advances. The gyrochronatom is one such device that has found broad use in many technological applications. In the case of this particular tech-mod, the gyrochronatom provides stability and steadiness to a weapon as it is aimed, allowing the wielder to move about while maintaining an even bead on his target. The result is a weapon with deadly accuracy.

Powers: A firearm or crossbow with the accuracy tech-mod is incredibly accurate. The weapon gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls for every level of accuracy built into it.

The gyrochronatoms within the weapon's tech-mod require a power source to maintain their stabilizing properties.

Craft (gunsmithing) or Craft (bowyer/fletcher) 10 ranks (as appropriate), Craft (technological device) 10 ranks, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent +1 per +1 attack bonus.

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