Description: Using customized ammunition and a modified loading system that relies on a magazine (a box-shaped container of ammunition made of metal), a firearm can be modified to reload itself automatically. The autofeed tech-mod is used by gnomish and dwarven engineers to augment the considerable deadliness of their firearms, and create weapons that allow marksmen (or marks-dwarves) to concern themselves more with hitting the target than the next reload.

Powers: Autofeed firearms typically hold 3 bullets in the magazine, and one bullet in the barrel. An autofeed weapon can fire as many times in a round as it has ammunition in its magazine, up to the maximum number of ranged attacks the wielder can make.

In addition, the autofeed weapon uses a custom magazine to hold its ammunition. The entire weapon can be reloaded in a single full-round action with a new magazine. Magazines cost 250 gp ( + 50 gp for each additional round they hold above 3).

The customized bullets for these weapons cost 10 gp per shot since they are precision-made for use in the modified weapon. Such bullets can be fired only from the customized weapon they were intended for.

This is a mechanical tech-mod that does not require a power source.

Craft (gunsmithing), Craft (technological device) 10, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent +3.

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