Description: Used to mark specific targets, track and signal, the beacon round is a multipurpose technical modification to ammunition that does not enhance a weapon's killing power. Beacon ammunition is used as a marker, or as a tracking aid, and can contain any manner of alchemical dye that will react under special lanterns, or simply glow in the dark.

Powers: A target struck by a beacon round is covered in a fluorescent dye that drips from the wound as it spatters on equipment and the ground, providing anyone discovering such a trail of dye with a +5 circumstance bonus on checks to track the struck target.

The dye is waterproof and does not wash off, but wears away in 1d6 hours.

Craft (gunsmithing) 5 ranks, Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent +1.

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