Beast Pattern

Site: The Vale of Beasts is a small clearing in the midst of Ashenvale Forest. In this place, the flows of magic work strangely on animals and monsters, causing those creatures to congregate peacefully. The nearby night elves call this the Congress of Beasts and have learned to avoid it, for they discovered that the co-existence of the beasts there does not extend to humanoids.

Attunement: You may make a full attack when you charge a foe.

Beast Pattern Runes

0 Mark of the Cat: Subject gains a +5 bonus on next Agility-based skill check.

1 Mark of the Tiger: Natural weapon deals more damage.

M / 2 Mark of the Beast: Subject gains +4 to

Strength, Agility or Stamina.

3 Mark of the Badger: Subject flies into a rage.

4 Mark of the Lizard: Subject gains fast healing 3.

5 Mark of the Worgen: Target gains +4 to Strength, Agility and Stamina.

6 Mark of the Tortoise: Subject gains +5 natural armor and damage reduction 10/adamantine.

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