Chaos Chicken

Description: The chicken was originally a clockwork toy that danced around, pleasing children. One child had the dangerous idea to put small firecrackers in the chicken, blowing it to smithereens. This episode placed an idea in the head of the designer, and he created the chaos chicken.

Operation: The body of the chaos chicken is hollow (the clockwork gears are located in the body shell). The body has enough space to hold five grenades. Once the chicken is activated, it runs towards the enemy (or at the very least straight forward from where it was placed), clucking. Once it gets 20 feet from where it was launched, it begins to lay its deadly cargo. The grenades are queued, and a flint-and-steel contraption lights the fuses as they fall. The chicken struts forward, getting out of range of the first explosive before depositing another. The grenades deal 2d6 points of damage in a 5-foot radius.

After laying its first egg, the chicken walks in a chaotic pattern, but always away from the last bomb it dropped. Even with this safety measure, most chaos chickens don't last beyond their first mission.

The chaos chicken takes 5 rounds and a DC 15 Use Technological Device check to ready.

Fuel: If it survives that long, the chaos chicken uses 1 vial of phlogiston for every 5 times it is used.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Speed 10 mph (clumsy); Weight 10 lb.; MR 4; TS 6; Craft DC 36; Price 450 gp.

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