Chatter Blade

Description: The chatter blade is a series of interlocking blade segments that replaces the edge of a weapon. The chatter blade uses a small motor and a power source. The chatter blade's edge comes alive once activated, turning into a blur of motion barely perceivable to the eye. Each individual segment of the blade moves in a rapid sawing motion, this furious motion allows the blade to cause tremendous wounds, and shear through flesh with ease. Popular among goblins, this style of weapon has seen increasing use in the hands of goblin mercenaries, and some goblin merchants have begun trading in chatter blades with elements of the Horde, who find the weapons' brutal qualities appealing.

Powers: Only slashing weapons can accept the chatter blade tech-mod. A chatter blade increases the critical threat rating of a weapon by 2, and has a +2 bonus on damage rolls. This increase to the threat range does not stack with similar effects (such as the keen magic weapon ability).

Craft (weaponsmithing) 10 ranks, Craft (technological device) 10 ranks, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent +3.

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