Common Spells

Found below are the spells that are most commonly on scrolls in Azeroth. Each spell has a 15% chance to appear on a scroll (i.e., 01-15 the spell is the first spell listed for the appropriate level, 16-20 it's the second spell, and so on). There's a 10% chance (91-100) that the scroll bears a different spell, subject to the GM's discretion.

Arcane ScroIIs lst-level: Arcane missile, cause fear, charm person, identify, mana shield, protection from evil. 2nd-level: Invisibility, mirror image, resist energy, summon swarm, unholy frenzy.

3rd-level: Death coil, dispel magic, fly, hold person, suggestion, water breathing. 4th-level: Animate dead, confusion, dimension door, polymorph, rain of fire, scrying.

5th-level: Baleful polymorph, break enchantment, death pact, dismissal, drain soul, wall of force. 6th-level: Anti-magic field, chain lightning, create undead, greater dispel magic, soulstone, true seeing. 7th-level: Avatar, banishment, control undead, phase door, plane shift, spell turning.

8th-level: Create greater undead, demand, discern location, greater planar binding, polymorph any object, telekinetic sphere. 9th-level: Death and decay, dominate monster, gate, Medivh's Disjunction, spiritual projection, starfall.

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