Creating Sets

The cost of a set bonus is determined in the same way as for a single magic item, as though the bonus were being applied to a magic item that occupies no specific slot. In fact, set bonuses occupy all appropriate slots at the same time. The only way to lose a set bonus is to remove or disable (such as through dispel magic) enough items to cross the threshold required for gaining the set bonus. Use the "no space limitation" pricing modifier when determining the value of a set bonus (see Table 4-24: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values).

Work on the individual items in a set must be completed before work on the set bonuses begins. All set items must be present at the time of creation. A set requires a minimum of two items. The set bonus requiring the fewest pieces must be crafted first, working up to set bonus that requires the most pieces. Each bonus is crafted as a separate magic item and is applied to all set items at the same time.

The maximum base value of a set bonus is equal to the lowest combined price of items necessary to activate that bonus. For example, if a set has four items with market values of 8,000 gp, 10,000 gp, 25,000 gp, and 30,000 gp, then the maximum value of its two-item set bonus is 8,000 gp + 10,000 gp, or 18,000 gp. The maximum w

n g g a h e value of its three-item set bonus is 43,000 gp (18,000 + 25,000). The maximum value of its four-item set bonus is 73,000 gp.

Apply all appropriate set bonuses when you wear set items. If you wear four items from a set that has a 2-item set bonus and a 4-item set bonus, then both bonuses apply. Remember that certain bonus types do not stack. For example, if two set bonuses provide a resistance bonus, use only the most powerful resistance bonus.

Further, the market value of a three-item set bonus is the difference between the market values for bonus types that do not stack. For example, suppose you create a set with a two-item set bonus that provides a +1 resistance bonus on saves and a three-item set bonus that provides a +2 resistance bonus on saves. A +1 resistance bonus has a market value of 1,000 gp and a +2 resistance bonus has a market value of 4,000 gp. The two-item set bonus includes 1,000 gp for its resistance bonus, but the three-item set bonus increases in value only by 3,000 gp (the difference between the two).

Item Creation Feat Required: Craft Wondrous Item.

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