Rob Baxter (steam warrior, tech-mods, steam armor), Scott Bennie (magic armor, rods, scrolls), Joseph Carriker (base classes, ley walker, feats, alchemy, runes), Bob Fitch (set items, artifacts, elementium), Bruce Graw (enchanter, enchanting, weapons, rings, staffs, special materials), Mur Lafferty (wondrous items, tech devices), Andrew Rowe (Argent Dawn Templar, spells)

CRearive and Rules Design Assistance and Additional Material:

Chris Metzen and Bob Fitch DevelopeR:

Luke Johnson GdiroR: Ellen P Kiley

TDanaging CdicoR:

Stewart Wieck Arc DtReccoR: matt millberger

CoveR ArcIsc:

Jason Chan InreRioR ArcIscs:

Jeff Laubenstein, Jason Chan, Harald Oesterle, Darren Calvert, James Stowe

CoveR Design and InreRioR Layour: matt milberger

Special Thanks - Luke Johnson

Thanks to Mike Johnstone, the previous Warcraft RPG developer, who recommended me to stand next to his shoes. Thanks to my players, who keep me in top form: Joe Beatty, Jonathon W. Burnside, Brandon Crowley, Joshua Fox, Seth House, James Johnson, Kyle Mathis, Jason Nilsen, Matt Norris, Micki Jo Rogan, Chubs A. Roo-Sauce, James Sullivan, and Lee Wood. Good people, all.

[MUH.USl system \

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