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Description: This dark crown is made of ebony decorated with sharpened pieces of broken bones. Reddish, bloodlike splotches adorn the surface, which pulses against the wearer's head. The demons created these crowns to aid the Scourge, giving them to highranking leaders.

Power: If a non-evil creature attempts to wear one of these crowns, the sharp tips bend and pierce the skin, dealing 1d6 points of damage each round. The damage ignores all resistances. If worn by an evil creature, the crown provides a +6 enhancement bonus to Stamina and grants the creature one additional spell slot for each spell level it can cast; however such bonus spells must be from the school of necromancy. This benefit does not stack with similar abilities provided by other magic items. In addition, the crown's wearer can cast finger of death once per day. If the spell deals damage, the wearer regains a like amount of hit points. If the spell slays the target, assume that the spell dealt damage equal to the exact number of hit points required to kill the creature for the purpose of determining how many hit points the wearer regains (i.e., the creature's current hit points plus its Stamina score).

Strong necromancy; CL 14th; Craft Wondrous Item, bear's endurance, finger of death, limited wish, creator must be evil; Price 784,000 gp; Cost 392,000 gp + 31,360 XP; Weight 2 lb.

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