Rystal Hou Rglass of Reg Ret

Description: The night elves surmise that this item was what helped Illidan escape from their clutches time and again, but they have no proof. This hourglass is commonly small, holding enough sand to mark the passage of one minute, but rumors of larger ones exist. The bases are made from obsidian flecked with gold and carved to resemble a long-fingered hand holding the hourglass at each end. The glass itself is made from fine crystal and the sand inside is red.

Power: When a character turns this timekeeper over, the sand begins to fall and he accelerates to a speed that is undetectable, much like the spell time stop. The hourglass creates a 5-foot radius around it for the time it takes the sand to fall. The user cannot move outside the radius or he reverts back to normal time, although he can carry the hourglass with him. He cannot affect anything outside this area in any way (spells, attacks and so forth). Spells still affect him normally during this time. While the crystal is hard, the obsidian that creates the base for this item is brittle and can break easily (hardness 0, 3 hp). If any part of the hourglass is damaged, it loses all power. Hourglasses are made to measure only one minute. The hourglass can be used once per day.

Strong transmutation; CL 17 th; Craft Wondrous Item, time stop; Price 161,200 gp; Cost 80,600 gp + 6,448 XP; Weight 5 lb.

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