Dest RoyeR

Description: Destroyers are heavy, iron-clad warships that can quickly carry a half-dozen heavy cannon to any point on a coastline and bombard a target into submission.

Operation: Vehicle Proficiency (water vehicles) to pilot and DC 30 Use Technological Device checks to operate. Starting a destroyer's phlogiston boiler and getting the ship moving takes 10 minutes.

Fuel: A destroyer consumes 5 vials of phlogiston every hour.

AC 15; HR 15; 320 hp; Size Colossal; Weight 22,000 lb.; Speed 20 mph (165 ft.) (poor); Cargo 4,400 lb.; Crew 7 (1 pilot, 6 gunners); MR 1; TS 22; Craft DC 48; Price 7,630 gp.

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