Description: A dirtworm is a large mechanical device designed by goblin sappers during the First War to aid them in tunneling beneath Alliance defenses. Enormous teeth on the front of the device chew up earth and pull it inside where steam hammers push it outward and compact it to create a tunnel with hard-packed walls.

Operation: The dirtworm can chew through any material with 7 or fewer points of hardness at the rate of 10 feet per minute. Harder materials take 10d6 points of damage per round. The tunnel it carves is 8 feet in diameter with walls of hardness 4; a 5-foot length of the tunnel collapses after taking 50 points of damage.

On open ground when not tunneling, the dirtworm can move at a maximum speed of 20 feet per round.

Operating a dirtworm via a remote at the end of a 30-foot cord is a full-round action; a DC 15 Use Technological Device check and 5 minutes time is required to set up the remote. Operating the device requires a DC 25 Use Technological Device check.

Fuel: A dirtworm consumes 2 vials of phlogiston every hour.

HR 5; 40 hp; Size Large; Weight 1,500 lb.; Speed 10 feet/minute (clumsy); MR 1; TS 15; Craft DC 37; Price 2,750 gp.

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