Reamless Sleep GlixiR

Description: This substance appears much like a gas while held within its vial. The swirling blue vapor flows like a liquid when poured, however, allowing it to be easily contained. If sniffed or tasted, the subject becomes mildly drowsy for a few moments, but suffers no other ill effects.

Powers: When consumed, the imbiber falls into a deep, dreamless sleep for 10 minutes. During this time he cannot be revived by any means. At the conclusion of the effect's duration, he arises, feeling refreshed. The sleep heals him of 3d8 + 5 points of damage, cures 1d4 points of ability score damage (if any), and allows him to recover up to 5 levels of spell slots.

Moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, conjure mana water*, cure serious wounds, lesser restoration; Price 2,400 gp.

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