Rums of Panic

Description: These kettle drums are orc creations, played from the mighty shoulders of the kodo beast. They are always created in pairs, and are sometimes made of leather cured from high elf skin; the warlocks who make the drums claim the elves' addiction to magic makes their skins highly magically malleable. Other races use animal leather and see no difference in power.

Power: If both of the pair are sounded, all creatures within 120 feet are affected as if under a fear spell (DC

16 Will save). There is a 20-foot radius of safe-zone around the player that is unaffected by this ability. Drums of panic can be used once per day.

Moderate necromancy; CL 7 th; Craft Wondrous Item, cause fear; Price 14,000 gp; Cost 7,000 gp + 560 XP; Weight 10 lb. for the pair.

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