Tech-mod items require an initial Use Technological Device check to activate — once a tech-mod item is activated, any further uses of it are considered to be use-activated (it activates simply by using it in the way it is intended). Since most tech-mod items are weapons or armor, this means that a single Use Technological Device check activates the item, and subsequent uses require no checks.

Activating a tech-mod item requires a Use Technological Device check (DC 10 + the item's bonus equivalent). For instance, a suit of armor with a +5 bonus equivalent requires a DC 15 Use Technological Device check to activate before its tech-mod abilities can be used.

A tech-mod device continues to function until it runs out of charges or doesn't have sufficient charges for a full round of operation. If a device runs out of charges, or if the device doesn't have enough charges to power it for a full round, it deactivates. The user can also deactivate the device with a DC 10 Use Technological Device check.


The following abilities are all technologically based enhancements that can be added to masterwork or normal quality items of the appropriate type. In most cases a single ability needs to be added only once.

Tech-mod descriptions include the following information:

Prerequisites: A character must meet these requirements to create a tech-mod item. These include feats, ranks in Craft (technological device), and miscellaneous requirements such as class level, spells and race. All tech-mods require the Craft Tech-Mod feat.

It is possible for more than one character to cooperate in the creation of a tech-mod item, with each participant providing one or more of the prerequisites. In some cases, cooperation may even be necessary.

Bonus Equivalent: The tech-mod's bonus equivalent, which also determines it price, as shown on Table 5-2: Tech-Mod Bonus Equivalent Values.

Some tech-mods are purely mechanical augmentations to weapons and don't require any charges from a power source in order to function. These tech-mods still change the Malfunction Rating of a weapon and the base price; however, they do not count toward an item's power consumption. If a tech-mod is simply mechanical in function it is so noted in the entry.

Table 5-2:

Tech-Mod Bonus Equivalent Values









1 charge/round


+750 gp

2 charges/round


+1,500 gp

3 charges/round


+2,500 gp

4 charges/round


+4,000 gp

5 charges/round


+6,000 gp

6 charges/round


+9,000 gp

7 charges/round


+14,000 gp

8 charges/round


+20,000 gp

9 charges/round


+28,000 gp

10 charges/round

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