Escape Mole

Description: The howls were deafening in Orgrimmar the night a famous goblin tinker escaped from their jails. No one is sure how he did it; all that was left was a shallow depression in the dirt floor of his cell.

The tinker had cobbled together an escape capsule, taking any scrap of metal he could beg, borrow or steal while incarcerated. He used all of the charm and promises he had to bribe a stupid guard into smuggling him one vial of liquid phlogiston, and his invention was complete.

Operation: The capsule is not much bigger than the user's body (commonly Small, but one that is tauren-

80 mph (705 ft./round) (excellent); Cargo 200 lb.; Crew 1; MR 2; TS 16; Craft DC 41; Price 4,160 gp.

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