Explosive Sheep

Description: It is perhaps the goblins' delicious — most other races say "dangerous" — sense of humor that gets them into the most trouble. Bring up the exploding sheep incident of the war against the Burning Legion in any tavern in Booty Bay and the goblins there roar with laughter and buy you a drink, each desiring to tell his or her own version of the story.

The tales differ, but most agree that after the Burning Legion had invaded the plague-ridden Lordaeron, most people were dead, undead or fled. One, a goblin tinker merchant traveling through the town, started making mechanical animals to distract any Burning Legion demons so that he could make his slow and panicked way south. One of these devices was cobbled together from wool, wood and some primitive clockwork. On a whim, he decided to fill it full of explosives and have it totter towards the demons. When it exploded, he decided, he would flee in the chaos that followed.

He didn't expect a demon, a dim-witted fel guard, to pick up the sheep and inspect it. He damned himself for outfitting it with a timer and not a remote, but he nearly squealed with glee with the curious demon popped the treat into its mouth. The resulting explosion of demon parts was definitely enough for the tinker to get away, laughing so hard he nearly gave himself away.

Now the mechanical sheep has a bit more thought — and a lot more explosives — put into it. The goblins mainly make them to amuse themselves, giving their enemies a moment of confusion before death, but they are powerful explosives in their own right.

Operation: A sheep walks forward for 2 rounds after released, and then stops and explodes. It deals 4d6 points of fire and slashing damage to everything in a 10-foot radius (DC 19 Reflex half).

The exploding sheep takes 6 rounds to ready and a DC 20 Use Technological Device check to activate.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Weight 10 lb.; Speed 20 feet; MR 3; TS 12; Craft DC 42; Price 1,240 gp.

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