Eye oF the Dragon

Description: There's a saying in Ratchet that tinkers only need to get burned once. They are always making changes and modifying inventions — if they do get burned twice (as almost all of them do), they at least got burned doing something slightly different the second time.

The gnome tinker who created the eye of the dragon had been spying on a rich merchant with a periscope. When he caught her, he sliced off her pinky finger. Three weeks later, she was back at his window with the eye of the dragon, determined to learn the merchant's secrets. No one knows if she got what she needed or not; soon after inventing the eye of the dragon, she packed up one night and fled town.

Regardless, she left her plans for the eye of the dragon behind, and rogues, spies and thieves now praise her for her ingenuity.

Operation: The eye of the dragon is a small balloon, usually colored to match the scenery (white for indoors, black for nighttime, and so forth). Filled with heated air, it carries a device underneath that, with a remote control, can open a shutter and capture images on a sticky black film. The device can capture 6 pictures before the balloon loses altitude and descends (six rounds).

The eye of the dragon is considered to have a Stealth bonus of +2. Using it requires DC 15 Use Technological Device checks. The eye of the dragon is susceptible to winds, and only if the user has it tethered to her by a wire can she direct its path.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Weight 10 lb.; MR 2; TS 1; Craft DC 16; Price 180 gp.

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