Wow Coldrage Dagger Action Price

Powers: A coldrage dagger is a +4 numbing and raging dagger that provides its wielder with cold resistance 10.

Strong evocation; CL 14th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cone of cold, rage; Price 84,302 gp; Cost 42,302 gp + 3,360 XP

DReadfoRge RetaliatoR

Description: This fearsome weapon is a huge, serrated axe with cruel-looking spikes jutting out from the top and back of the blade. Originally designed for orc champions, weapons of this sort have recently been found in the hands of tauren heroes, as well as members of the Burning Legion.

Powers: A dreadforge retaliator is a +3 greataxe of instinct that contains the spirit of a wild beast. Whenever its wielder is struck by a critical hit in melee, the spirit of the beast reacts with a furious counterattack. The wielder acts on behalf of this spirit, striking the attacker immediately at his base attack bonus. This counterattack is not considered an attack of opportunity, but it must be made with the dreadforge retaliator, not another weapon or special ability. The weapon's owner may not make a counterattack if the original blow makes him unable to do so (by killing him or stunning him, for example), or if the attacker is out of reach. If the wielder is disabled when he makes the counterattack, it counts as a strenuous action.

Strong enchantment; CL 13th; Counterattack, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bloodlust, creator must be a shaman; Price 72,320 gp; Cost 36,320 gp + 2,880 XP

Finkle's SkinneR

Description: This dagger looks like nothing more than an ordinary skinning knife, but it bears a powerful enchantment that makes it ideal for fighting beasts. Originally carried by the famous gnomish adventurer Finkle Einhorn, it has not been seen since his legendary effort to hunt down a massive canine creature said to be terrorizing a remote section of the Blasted Lands. The dagger's pommel appears wrapped in a well-tanned animal skin that changes to a different type each day. One day it might be a gray wolf hide, while the next it bears the orange and black stripes of a jungle tiger.

Powers: Finkle's skinner is a +1 animal bane dagger that grants its wielder a +5 competence bonus on Craft (leatherworking) checks when used to skin animals. Furthermore, each day it changes its nature to match that of the animal skin wrapped around its pommel. Roll 1d6 and consult the following chart to see which additional power the dagger provides:

Finkle's Skinner Animal Type

Die Roll

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