Glue Rifle

Description: Designed less for damage and more for hindering — or even capturing — an opponent, this wide-barreled firearm uses glue mines as ammunition. Some of the more talented wardens can use it to stick quarry to trees and walls.

Operation: The rifle fires glue mines (see above). The rifle is not completely nonlethal, though, as it fires the adhesive-filled bladders at such a velocity that they deal 2d4 points of bludgeoning damage before exploding and coating the area in glue. The glue rifle deals double damage on a critical hit.

The rifle has a range increment of 100 feet. Reloading it is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Ammunition: The glue rifle fires glue mines.

Fuel: Each shot consumes 1 ounce of gunpowder.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny (weapon category: exotic (firearm), ranged, two-handed); Weight 20 lb.; MR 1; TS 3; Craft DC 15; Price 540 gp.

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