Gnomish CopteR

Description: The first tiny flying machines were built by the gnomes of Khaz Modan, who proved their worth to the Alliance by using their copters to scout far behind enemy lines. Thought unarmed, fragile and temperamental, gnomish copters remain some of the fastest and most maneuverable machines in the skies.

Operation: Vehicle Proficiency (air vehicles) to use and DC 20 Use Technological Device checks to operate. Starting a gnomish copter takes 3 minutes.

Fuel: The gnomish copter uses 1 vial of phlogiston every hour.

AC 13; HR 5; 80 hp; Size Huge; Weight 600 lb.; Speed

Operation: Firing a destroyer's cannon is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. It takes 2 full-round actions to reload. The cannon deals 4d6 points of bludgeoning damage and has a range increment of 100 feet.

Ammunition: The cannon fires cannonballs (25 gp each).

Fuel: Each shot consumes 4 ounces of gunpowder.

HR 5; 20 hp; Size Medium (weapon category: exotic (firearm), ranged); Weight 60 lb.; MR 2; TS 6; Craft DC 26; Price 745 gp.

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