Gnomish Death

Description: When Heffen Glitterbows unveiled this weapon, his opus, even the bravest tinkers went pale. Weapons they liked, but this was above and beyond anything they had ever dreamed. Devices are supposed to help the user, they argued, not potentially cause his death! Not on purpose, anyway.

The ray is a massive hollow tube that sits on a tripod. The mechanisms inside are fueled mostly by liquid phlogiston and chaos energy; but it is useless without the life force of the user.

Operation: When activated, the user must stand behind the hollow barrel of the tube. A blue ray extends out the back of the tube, hitting the user in the chest. For four rounds, it soaks up 1d6 hit points per round. At the beginning of the fifth round, it fires, requiring a ranged attack roll and dealing 16d6 points of damage (or four times the damage the user took). The damage is of no specific type. It has a maximum range of 50 feet and no range increment.

If someone were stupid enough to try to fire this weapon twice, it takes the chaos generator one hour to recharge. It takes 1 round to refill the liquid phlogiston charge.

Such a ludicrously dangerous weapon has become quite popular in the black markets of both Alliance and Horde camps.

Fuel: The gnomish death ray uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston per attack.

HR 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny (weapon category: exotic (firearm), ranged, two-handed); Weight 70 lb.; MR 5; TS 48; Craft DC 78; Price 10,720 gp

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