Gnomish Submarine Torpedo Launcher

Description: These paired launchers are placed at both sides of the sub. Although both tubes cannot be fired at the same time, they allow for two quick shots (1 per round) without reloading torpedoes. The ship can hold 20 torpedoes at once.

Operation: Firing a torpedo is a standard action and requires a ranged attack roll; a mechanism reloads the launcher automatically, taking 2 rounds to do so. A torpedo explodes on impact in a 10-foot radius, dealing 4d6 points of slashing and fire damage. It has a range increment of 100 feet on the surface and 50 feet underwater.

Ammunition: The launcher fires torpedoes (50 gp each).

Fuel: A small phlogiston boiler powers the launcher. One vial of phlogiston fuels five torpedo launches.

HR 5; shares submarine's hp; Size Small (weapon category: exotic (firearm), ranged); Weight 35 lb.; MR 1; TS 12; Craft DC 31; Price 3,550 gp.

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