Gnomish Submarine

Description: Determined to not let the mysteries of the sea elude their curious minds, gnomish tinkers created these watertight vessels that can travel under the waves.

Operation: The submarines are a powerful threat to ships as well as coastal targets, with a battery of longrange torpedoes. The device travels at 20 mph on the water and 10 mph underwater. It requires the Vehicle Proficiency (water vehicles) feat to use and DC 30 Use Technological Device checks to operate.

A successful opposed Stealth check allows a crewmember to use the periscope to view the surface without being spotted.

Fuel: The gnomish submarine uses 1 vial of phlogiston every hour.

AC 15; HR 5; 320 hp; Size Colossal; Weight 5,500 lb.; Speed 20 mph (165 ft.) (good); Cargo 600 lb.; Crew 2 (1 pilot, 1 gunner); MR 1; TS 10; Craft DC 40; Price 5,315 gp.

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