Grimoire of Souls

Description: This book is bound in dusty black leather and is protected by a thick brass buckle sealed with a mixture of blood and wax. A barely noticeable (DC 20 Listen check) humming sound emanates from the spine.

Power: Despite the name, the book does not entrap souls. Instead, the pages are inscribed with mystical images and words that strengthen and toughen the reader's soul — power that extends to the body as well. Anyone studying the arcane diagrams and runes for a full day finds himself suffused with the book's power, raising his hit point total by + 10 points permanently. Afterward, the material inside the book vanishes, leaving the pages empty. A given individual may only benefit from one of these grimiores in his lifetime.

Strong indeterminate; CL 17 th; Craft Wondrous Item, wish; Price 7,650 gp; Cost 3,825 gp + 306 XP; Weight 4 lb.

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