Gyro Stabilized

Description: The whirring inner mechanisms of a single gyro-stabilized piece of munitions allow such a projectile to maintain a steady and true course even over long distances.

Powers: Gyro-stabilized ammunition ignores the first two range increments when calculating any penalties incurred by making ranged attacks against targets beyond the first range increment. The third range increment counts as the first range increment for determining penalties (thus, the wielder takes no penalty for range until the fourth range increment).

Craft (gunsmithing) 10 ranks, Craft (technological device) 10 ranks, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent + 1.

irmor Tech-Mods

-ight armors are not capable of supporting the required structural additions required for viable tech-mods. Most medium armors don't have the structural support required to contain both a power source and the tech-mod itself. Because of the limitations of these armors, tech-mods can be used only with half plate, full plate, or breast plate armor.

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