Helm of Valor

Powers: This helm provides a +1 armor bonus that stacks with other armor bonuses if the wearer has only a breastplate or no armor. When wearing this helm and a breastplate, the wearer's armor is treated as heavy instead of medium. His maximum Agility bonus worsens to +1, armor check penalty to -6, and arcane spell failure chance to 35%. The armor bonus stacks with that provided by the gauntlets of valor and legplates of valor.

The wearer gains the ability to rage once per day as a 1st-level barbarian, except he is not fatigued at the end of the rage.

Faint evocation; CL 5 th; Craft Wondrous Item; Price 22,050 gp; Cost 11,250 gp + 864 XP; Weight 7 lb.

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