How to Build Em Crafting Tech Mod Items

Building a tech-mod into an item requires that the creator have the Craft Tech-Mod feat (see Chapter 1: Spell Slingers and Gear Grinders, "Feats"); not just any tinker can slap a mod onto an item. Unlike creating full technological devices, creating tech-mods does not involve Craft (technological device) checks; instead, the process works much like creating magic items (see Chapter 4: So Shiny!). Tech-mods are tricky devices, and their creators require more dedication and discipline than the creators of other technological devices.

Tech-mods have a bonus equivalent, and this number determines the item's value and power consumption. Each round, a modified item consumes a number of charges from its power source equal to its bonus equivalent. An item can have no more than a +10 tech-mod bonus equivalent.

A magic item can accept tech-mods, but the combined magic and tech-mod bonus equivalents cannot exceed a total of + 10. The tech-mod functions still require tech-mod charges or a power source in order to function properly.

An item's Malfunction Rating increases by half its tech-mod bonus equivalent (rounded down). For instance, a long rifle with the autofeed tech-mod (a bonus equivalent of +3) has an MR of 2 (adding 1 to the long rifle's base MR of 1). An item that is not normally technological has an MR of 0. Magic items with tech-mods always increase their MRs by at least +1.

Optional Rule: Doing it the Old-Fashioned Way

The tech-mod rules use a combination of normal technological device rules and magic item creation rules. This approach represents their specialized nature. If you would like to use a more typical approach to creating tech-mods, use the following guidelines. (Check with your GM before using these rules.)

Market Price: A tech-mod's market price is based on its bonus equivalent, as shown on Table 5-2: Tech-Mod Bonus Equivalent Values.

Craft DC: A tech-mod's Craft (technological device) DC equals the number of Craft (technological device) ranks listed in its prerequisites, plus its bonus equivalent, times two. For example, the chatter blade tech-mod normally requires 10 ranks in Craft (technological device) and has a bonus equivalent of +3. In these optional rules, creating the tech-mod requires DC 26 Craft (technological device) checks (10 + 3 = 13, 13 x 2 = 26).

TS: A tech-mod's technology score equals the ranks in Craft (technological device) listed in its prerequisites, , plus its bonus equivalent. The chatter blade tech-mod has a TS of 13.

MR: A tech-mod increases the item's Malfunction Rating by half its bonus equivalent, as normal.

Magic Compatibility: Tech-mod bonus equivalents do not stack with magic bonuses. Thus, an item could have a +10 tech-mod bonus and a +10 magic bonus. (It would be really expensive and be prone to malfunctions, though.)

Other Prerequisites: The creator does not need to meet any of the prerequisites listed in the tech-mod's description, save for the Craft Tech-Mod feat.

Adding a tech-mod to an item takes one day for each 1,000 gp (or portion thereof) in its market price and uses up raw materials equal to half the item's market price.

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