Hyd Rocane

Description: Staffs of this sort are crafted from hydrobarks — small trees that grow along the banks of rivers throughout Azeroth. The rounded remnants of the tree's roots remain affixed to the bottom of the staff, so that the weapon can be set upon the ground and remain standing. The staff's tip is carved into a ring shape, within which floats a bubble of water seemingly unaffected by gravity.

Powers: A hydrocane is a + 1 quarterstaff that provides its owner with the effect of the water breathing spell for as long as he holds it in his grip. The staff can also be used to cast the following spells:

• Water breathing (1 charge)

Moderate evocation; CL 11th; Craft Staff, cone of cold, frost armor, frost nova, ice storm, water breathing, water walking*; Price 86,600 gp; Weight 4 lb.

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