A suit of steam armor has eleven potential locations where it can incorporate equipment slots: head, back (2 slots), left arm, left hand, right arm, right hand, shoulders, left leg, right leg, and boots. No suit of steam armor actually uses all eleven slots, and every suit of steam armor uses a different combination of slots. A character can move an empty slot from one location to another with 1 hour of work and a DC 25 Craft (technological device) check.

Each suit of steam armor includes two additional slots in the torso. The operator occupies these slots.

Hit Points: The steam armor's hit points, and the number of hit points the steam armor provides its operator. Steam armor hit points are added to the character's total and subtracted first when the character takes damage. When the armor is reduced to 0 hit points, it ceases functioning.

Base Speed: The steam armor's base land speed. Certain types of hull material affect this base speed (see "Steam Armor Hulls," below).

Height: The steam armor's height in feet.

Weight: The steam armor's weight in pounds.

Fighting Space: The steam armor's fighting space.

Reach: The steam armor's reach, even without weapons.

Build DC: The base DC of Craft (technological device) checks to build the steam armor without armor, weapons and other equipment.

Base Cost: The base cost of components and materials for building the basic steam armor frame. The market price is three times the base cost.

TS: The armor's Technology Score.

Medium Steam Armor Combat Statistics

A suit of Medium steam armor provides the operator with a +5 enhancement bonus to Strength.

It takes a -2 penalty on Stealth checks.

Kodosbreath Battle Armor Note that the rules presented in this section replace the normal technology rules for creating steam armor. The Kodosbreath battle armor example, provided in the WoW RPG book (Chapter 11: Technological Devices) is therefore no longer accurate — though it is still a valuable example of technological device creation in general.

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