Glowing brightwood staff

144,882 gp

ËB'- — - -Jm a staff can make an effective weapon. In fact many of the staffs found on Azeroth possess heightened abilities when used in combat. If a staff has combat abilities (e.g., if it functions as a +2 quarterstaff), these abilities continue to work even after all charges are expended. To randomly determine a staff, roll d% and consult the table below.

Staff Descriptions

Common staffs are described below. Bludgeon of the ginning Dog

Description: This staff is a short stick that forms a Y-shape at its head. Between the points of the Y dangles a leather dog collar, to which a short leash is affixed. When the staff is wielded, the leash wraps itself about its owner's wrist.

Powers: The bludgeon of the grinning dog is a +2 quarterstaff of the wolf that provides the following spells:

• Greater magic fang (2 charges)

The bearer also gains a +2 bonus on checks to resist being disarmed.

Moderate transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Staff, calm animals, cat's grace, charm animal, greater magic fang, lesser mark of the wild, magic fang, owl's wisdom, roar; Price 58,100 gp; Weight 3 lb.

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